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Rejuvenated Furniture & Finds

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Rejuvenated Furniture & Finds


Big changes in 2015

Posted on January 29, 2015 at 9:28 PM
Welcome to 2015. It's hard to believe how far things have come in the last few years. We are becoming a legitimate furniture destination for customers beyond the city. Four of the thirteen vendor businesses in the cellar are from New Jersey while 2014 saw customers coming from as far as Brooklyn, Maryland, Delaware, Lancaster, Harrisburg, and Central New Jersey. Through our ETSY page, we got requests to send merchandise to dozens of far away states, Canada, and even France. Because of the ridiculous cost, we will not be shipping our merchandise anytime soon. I've always felt that we can find local buyers and so far you haven't let us down. 

As the business has grown, we've sometimes had trouble keeping the right items in stock. This always proves to be tricky since we never know what the next clean-out will bring. To that end, we have decided to expand our vendor base to hopefully offer more options during those times when I, myself, cannot keep up with demand. We've opened up some additional space on the main floor for a few of our long-time vendors, thereby creating some extra space in the beloved "cellar". 5 vendors have upgraded or expanded their spaces while a few new ones have been added to the mix. There is excitement in the air as everyone loving the changing look of the shop. The old floor is coming up and walls are coming down. The new look should be finished soon as we approach the start of our 13TH YEAR IN BUSINESS !

We also continue to upgrade our selection, especially in our accessories. You will find the latest styles in decor to compliment the high quality vintage furniture you expect from us.

One piece of bad news relates to the great looking warehouse space we moved into last Spring. Sadly, due to some landlord and city issues over which we had no control, we had to leave that awesome space. It was definitely a set-back and forced us to cancel many customer projects. However, we will not allow this to halt the progress we are making and we are currently looking for a solution elsewhere.

On the social media front, we are pushing Instagram pretty hard right now. Facebook is a great venue for communicating with us through private message, however we find that not everyone gets our picture posts. Continue to like us on Facebook but also follow us on Instagram (rejuvenatedfurniture) to get pictures first and fast. The web site will be updated more often (I promise) and look for Twitter and Pinterest to become much more active. The goal is to get the pictures out to the people looking for specific items but always remember that only a tiny fraction of what's in shop gets pictured. (Usually the best or most popular pieces). But it doesn't replace the visit. You still need to stop in and get your fix. As one customer said to me not long ago, "It's like I just walked into Pinterest".

So as we enter into this exciting year, please stop in and check out the shop and we promise to continue to work hard to fill your home with amazing rejuvenated pieces.

Thanks for your continued support,


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